Living on Australia’s North Shore in the Sydney area provides one of the most breathtaking views existing. It also provides a gardening challenge for those lucky enough to live there but Green Fig Landscaping can help.

Gardeners contact landscapers in northern beaches for many reasons but the overarching reason is because they need help with the sandy soil that provides little to no sustenance for plants. We can help you determine the ideal soil mix for your home’s yard and help you replace the topsoil throughout the yard or only in a garden plot. We also help you determine the right organic matter to add to the new soil to help reduce weeds.

You might choose to work with us on the consultation or have us design the garden plot and your planting scheme. We also provide landscape construction and maintenance. We can build raised beds for you and plant windbreaks of trees and shrubs, so the sea breeze does not erode your new soil. You might also use screens and fences as windbreaks. Another item that can help your garden grow on the shore, mulch, which you need to apply at the right time of year.

When they need help landscaping in northern beaches Sydney gardeners call Green Fig Landscaping. Our minimalist approach to landscaping provides you with an enjoyable private outdoor setting that lets you and your family and friends enjoy the sand and surf in a new way. A colorful landscaped garden adds to the beauty of your home and can provide utility, too. The windbreaks, new topsoil, and plantings all work together to reduce erosion in your yard.

Let us help you add value to your home and enhance its curb appeal. Contact us today to get started on your new landscaping project.

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Landscaping in North Shore Sydney does not require you to xeriscape. Green Fig Landscaping will recommend drought hearty native plants that can handle the harsh Australian sun. This does not mean sacrificing blooms and blossoms during the season, but it might change which plants you feature in your garden. Native plants also attract birds and animals to your yard, which can add to its beauty.

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