5 Reasons why landscape maintenance is important

Your landscape needs a check-up.

Just like humans, plants are living organisms. For healthy, sustainable growth, plants need routine maintenance and upkeep. It demands frequent evaluation and treatment. But you don't need a doctor. You just need a good landscaper.

Green Fig Landscaping can help give your plants the TLC they need by creating (and completing) a landscape maintenance checklist. Their professionals understand that a "set it and forget it" approach to your property's lawn and landscape won't cut it. Landscape maintenance is preventative. It's about taking proactive steps to save you time, money, and energy in the future.

That's why landscape maintenance is important. There are countless reasons to adopt a landscape maintenance program right away. Below, Green Fig Landscaping shares the top five benefits of having a consistent, dedicated landscape maintenance plan.

Improves curb appeal

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. When others arrive at your property, your landscape is the first thing that will catch their eye. You likely installed the landscape originally in order to up the "wow" factor of your home or business. A custom, professionally-designed landscape plan looks beautiful and clean when it's initially installed. However, without a landscape maintenance checklist, these plants can become wild and wooly over time.

Well-maintained yards and planting beds just look nice. It's that simple. A dedicated maintenance plan preserves the visual appeal of your property. Welcome visitors with an eye-catching, well-tended landscape that is sure to generate positive first impressions.

Increases property value

Preserve more than curb appeal. A landscape maintenance checklist does more than just "maintain" your property's value. It actually increases it. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why landscape maintenance is important.

There are countless financial incentives for keeping up with landscape maintenance. If you are planning on selling your property in the future, start by cleaning up your yard. For many prospective buyers, the appearance of outdoor spaces is a direct reflection of the state of the indoor areas too. Routinely cut lawns, tightly trimmed plants, and debris-free yards produce higher resale value when compared to homes with older, unwieldy landscapes.

Letting your landscape go unattended can lead to numerous issues down the road. Any expenses spent on property maintenance are a worthwhile investment that will yield future returns.

Keeps plants healthy

Water and sunlight alone aren't enough to ensure a plant's success. Frequent trimming and pruning are necessary to keep them in peak shape. Neglected landscape is problematic. Weeds grow and become invasive. Diseases germinate. Pests pop up. If not properly maintained, plants are much more susceptible to drought, infestation, and loss of nutrients. In spring, higher temperatures and heavy rainfall make this especially difficult. Trees, shrubbery, and other plants lose vitality and become less resilient.

By comparison, landscape maintenance maximizes a plant's nutritional value. In addition to trimming, removing debris and leaf clutter allows more air, sunlight, and water to penetrate deep into the soil. A typical landscape maintenance checklist also includes fertilization to stimulate continued growth.

Saves money

Failing to care for plants could lead to irreparable damage. If plants or grass die, you may have to rip, tear, or take out any dead or dying items. In terms of both time and money, this can be costly.

You've likely invested a lot in your yard already. You've devoted a lot of resources to designing and installing your landscape. The last thing you want is to let all of that fall by the wayside. Infrequent or irregular landscape maintenance produces unhealthy lawns and planting beds. These issues cost money to fix. Restoration and repairs are significantly more expensive than routine maintenance. In the long run, landscape maintenance is much easier on your wallet.

Adds enjoyment to the outdoors

Relaxing with a cold drink on the patio is much more rewarding than sweating and shoveling in the summer heat. That's why landscape maintenance is important. It frees up time, so you can prioritize spending more hours with family and friends. Leave the messy yard to a professional.

A visually-pleasing landscape also just brings more joy. De-cluttered, clean landscapes and freshly-cut lawns are especially gratifying. Your mood is instantly improved. Simple maintenance turns your backyard into an oasis. In addition to the sense of pride you get from having a yard that's cared for properly, you may also experience less stress. Families are healthier and more active when they have a well-maintained yard to get outside and enjoy.

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