Benefits of Structural Landscaping: Finding the best solutions to your landscape problems

The word "landscape" evokes images of beds overflowing with budding shrubs and blooming flowers. 

But landscaping is more than just plants. It's sustainable. It's functional. And, in many cases, it's structural.

Structural landscaping is purposeful. As the name implies, structural landscaping refers to the construction of structures, features, and items. Essentially, this term groups together any external, non-living elements designed and constructed in landscape areas. Countless items fall into this category. Yet there are also countless benefits of structural landscaping too.

And Green Fig Landscaping makes these hardscapes look easy. Their experienced professionals understand that the key to structural landscaping is rooted in practicality. Structural landscape should be solution-focused. Through strong design and detailed installation, hardscape features solve problems for homeowners. Their goal is to find structural landscaping elements that improve a home's value and your overall quality of life.

That's why Green Fig Landscaping has consistently been rated as one of the best landscaping services in Sydney for over nine years. Using this expertise, they want to build structural landscaping that best meets your needs. The company outlines several outdoor problems that can be solved by structural landscaping.

Preventing erosion issues

Gravity almost always wins. Unless you have a retaining wall. These structural landscaping elements hold everything in place. Literally. 

Retaining walls are designed to support sloped terrain by counteracting the forces of nature. Retaining walls can limit soil and rainwater runoff. It can transform areas into flatter, more usable spaces. That's why erosion prevention and control are one of the most common benefits of structural landscaping.

Green Fig Landscaping can construct these from wood, concrete, or stone. They will work with you to select materials that best complement your home's architectural style and existing hardscape features. They will also professionally design the wall, ensuring that it is up to code and can withstand the load.

Creating space for entertaining

You'll want to enjoy the outdoors. Structural landscaping enables you to make more use of existing landscape areas.

Like retaining walls, patios and decks are another key addition to most homes. In many ways, these can act as the "hub" for outdoor activities, parties, and get-togethers. Firepits are popular too. For fans of the backyard barbeque, Green Fig Landscaping can also incorporate a built-in stone or concrete grill system.

Or, cool off from the heat by floating in an in-ground pool. Adding a backyard pool isn't as difficult (or costly) as you may think. Green Fig Landscaping can handle the design, offering tiling services if you desire a special touch. For older pools, they provide restoration and regrouting services too.

Upgrading accessibility

Patios, decks, and driveways aren't just decorative. The benefits of structural landscaping are all about functionality. 

Access can be problematic. If you can't get to certain areas of your property or have limited mobility, structural landscaping is incredibly helpful. This allows you to maximize your yard. Although practical, decks, patios, and paver pathways can be installed to generate some visual interest too.

This doesn't just apply to new installations. Green Fig Landscaping can also fix cracked concrete, missing pavers, or anything else that may prevent you or your family from making the most of your space.

Reducing watering and maintenance

Less "green" space equals less maintenance. The math is simple. Multiply your free time by adding structural landscaping. 

Hardscapes, like pavers and patios, cut down on the amount of mowing. But the time-saving benefits of structural landscaping don't stop there. Irrigation systems automate the tedious (but necessary) task of providing your plants and grass with water. Full-functional irrigation systems are designed by landscape professionals. Green Fig Landscaping will take this item off your "to-do list," setting a reoccurring watering schedule that provides adequate coverage.

Want even less mowing? Synthetic turf is a shortcut to green grass all year long. This modern upgrade requires virtually zero effort once it's installed. It's a weed-free, pest-resistant alternative that needs no mowing, fertilizing, or watering.

Improving ambiance

Your backyard should be an oasis. Whether you're looking for a place to host a party or trying to find a relaxing escape, Green Fig Landscaping has a solution for you.

Water features may be the "zen" you're looking for. Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls are unique and creative additions to your home. The running water can be calm and soothing. However, these water features also boost the overall value of your property.

While also increasing safety, landscape lighting is another way to set the mood. These structural elements can accentuate plants or design features.

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