Different Types of Garden Design Services

When you decide to take on a garden and begin landscaping the area, your garden layout planning is the next step so that it is easy to maintain, and you are able to make the layout work for you.If you are looking for the best ways on how to design your garden, then keep reading below to see what your options are available and what works best for your garden. 

Types of Garden Designs

There are several garden designs available that you can choose from depending on how you are using your garden and what you plan to grow. 

  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Accessible Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Water Gardens
  • Hummingbird Gardens
  • Mediterranean Gardens

Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens

You can truly create a garden for almost anything, especially if you are looking to attract certain creatures to the garden. If you want to attract butterflies or hummingbirds, your garden is landscaped with specific types of greenery that bring them in and designed so that they are protected. This is true for the local wildlife, too, if you want to provide a food source for the wildlife that you share your property with. 

Accessible Gardens

Some gardens are designed so that you can navigate through them easily, going through each row and enjoying your flowers. These gardens are often raised to different heights, based upon your comfort level so that you are not spending a lot of time bending. You can walk around and easily work in your garden comfortably without putting excessive strain on your body. 

Vegetable Gardens

If you are planning to harvest your plants and grow vegetables in your garden, the design for it needs to be a little different from other garden designs. Your plants need to be spaced so that you can get in and harvest what you need when they are ready. 

Water Gardens

Some gardens have a bed of water instead of a bed of soil. If you want water to be the focal point of your garden, you can water plants that traditional gardens do not have. Water gardens often include a small pond made with rubber and pre-formed. You do not get away with maintenance on a water garden, however. You will have to maintain the algae in the pond(s) just as you would weed in a traditional garden. 

Mediterranean Gardens

A garden that is both exotic and is designed around a patio or courtyard is a Mediterranean Garden. Their design includes a number of fountains throughout the area and planting herbs around the space. Mediterranean gardens include trees in their design and also provide an orchard feel so that you make the best of your garden layout planning.

Different Features to Consider

When you decide on garden layout planning for your area, you want to keep the following in mind so that you choose the right design for you that you will enjoy. 


Depending on how much space you have can limit the types of garden designs, especially if it is limited. For example, a small town home with a small garden area cannot house a Mediterranean-style garden. 


Depending on where your home is located and the type of terrain in the area, you may need a garden that is more suitable for lots of rain or a garden that can survive a drought. The garden design you select must be accommodating to your area so that it can be maintained easily and maintain its beauty throughout the seasons. 

Comfort and Accessible

If you are limited in your ability on what you can do, then you need a design that is more accessible to you. Consider having raised beds, planters on the window sills and any other feature that makes it easy for you to garden and enjoy the area. 

Get Your Garden Design Today

If you have more questions about the different garden designs or need some assistance with garden layout planning, contact us at Green Fig Landscaping today for more information. We want you to have the garden you desire, featuring you and your needs. Visit us online to send an inquiry or call us at 0434-007-178 for more information. We look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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