Landscape Design Plans for Small Yards

If you are looking for some ideas for landscaping the outside of your home, there are some great plans out there you can choose from. While it may seem like a grueling task, it doesn’t have to be once you put a plan together. There are many things to consider such as finding the right contractor to items you would like to include in your yard. However, when you have limited space you may feel stuck. The good news is there are still ways you can inject some personality into your landscaping even though you aren’t working with much. The bottom line is, modern landscape design ideas for small spaces do indeed exist. 

Consider Coastal Plants

The best lawn landscaping services Australia will be able to assist you with any of these ideas for your small yard. With that being said, consider using coastal plants. If your home is located near a lagoon or other body of water, the design team will need to choose a space that would combine practicality with aesthetics. You may want to consider opting in for a stone or wooden patio that will do good with sand. You need to make sure that you choose the right plants that will be okay in the wind and having water and sand thrown at them.

Plants look good that emerges from pebbles and gravel. Be careful to not crowd the plants together, but instead leave plenty of space in between them to go for a more natural look.

Deck Garden

A cost-effective and versatile way to turn your living area into a garden is by creating a deck garden. This space can be turned into a very attractive area filled with garden furniture as well as an outdoor area for entertaining your guests. This is an awesome idea because you do not have to worry about any heavy-duty building which results in less landscaping costs.

You may choose to widen the platform of your deck or narrow it into paths that can branch off into their own areas. Decks are great because they can replace paving and lawns and be turned into seating, paths, and terraces. A deck garden is low-maintenance and perfect for smaller yards.

Water Feature Installation

A water feature is perfect no matter how small your backyard is. This is an effective and simple addition to add to your landscaping project. Gardens on the smaller side should consist of a self-contained water feature such as a bubbling sphere, mini fountain, or bowl. These will not take up much of any space. They will also require minimum maintenance.

If you are looking for something a bit more on the larger side, you can consider a fountain or even a water wall. Even these can take up minimal space depending on the size you choose. Placement is obviously important so think of the best location to put your water feature that is not too sunny and keep it away from trees.

Make Use of Pavers

When planning your landscaping ideas for your yard, it is important that you move carefully and not get too carried away. Make sure to choose colors carefully as well as the outdoor furniture and materials that are the most satisfying to you. The best lawn landscaping services Australia will probably recommend you to take advantage of garden zoning to create a seating area that is very cozy. You can have it surrounded by a table.

Clay pavers are very earthy and can add both charm and warmth. These also beautifully age with time. For paving stones, you may want to consider colors that are similar to the color palette on your property.

Plant a Wild Garden

Just because you have a smaller yard, doesn’t mean you have to deck or pave it. If you love gardens, you can consider planting a wild garden. You may choose to go for a bold look and choose exotic evergreens to compliment your yard. These evergreens are perfect for all year round and don’t take much effort. To build a beautiful green tapestry, you may want to add a variety of tree fern sizes.

However, by the end of the summer, many of your plants may start to fade making your garden look a bit rough. This is why it is a good idea to go tropical to add some life into the beds of flowers you have. For an exotic vibe, consider buying plants that are garden ready. 

For a great landscaper, consider searching for the best lawn landscaping services Australia near you.

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