Stone Work and Paving Services for Gardens

Gardens add a beautiful outdoor experience to every yard. Installing a garden or landscaping is an investment that you want to last for years to come. Many homeowners opt to add stonework and pavers to protect and enhance the look and feel of their garden. In the past several years, the hardscape industry has grown tremendously, and there are many options.

Stone Work Ideas For Gardens

Co-mingling plants and flowers with a hardscape requires expertise to create a symbiotic relationship between natural and manufactured products. There are some simple ways to incorporate stonework, and then there are incredibly elaborate designs. It all depends on your style, space, and budget. Stone work ideas for gardens include:

  • Water features are easy to blend with the organic setting in a garden area. Rocks and stones are the perfect match with the water, plants, and flowers. For a relaxing, appealing atmosphere, fish can be added to the pond. A waterfall completes the collaborating alliance. 
  • Building a stone wall doubles as a seating area and a divider for a site that needs to be separated from the rest of the yard. Additionally, it will prevent soil erosion, mulch being washed away, or other groundcover damage. 
  • A stone fire pit offers a warm place to welcome friends and family. Built in the middle of a garden area with pavers that lead to it, make a charming place for entertaining and gathering.
  • Stone walls safeguard your garden again wind, rain, and cold weather. Many plants and flowers are susceptible to too much water and/or extreme weather. A stone wall means you don't have to worry about covering plants unless the temperatures are much lower than usual or if snow is expected. 
Garden Ideas With Stones And Paving

The ground around your garden needs to be secure and free from potential wash out to protect the plants. Stones or paving are popular options to produce the necessary foundation. There are a myriad of garden ideas with stones and paving including:

  • A clean, crisp border can be achieved with pavers that not only look good but also provide a barrier around your garden. 
  • Paved pathways or stepping stones are an excellent choice for larger garden areas to keep people from stepping on your precious foliage.
  • Strategically placed stones form a design to offer an interesting conversation piece for your garden space.
  • Stones add texture and are a nice addition to water features or around plants. 
  • Pavers, stones, and rocks used alongside succulents in a courtyard area create a harmony of natural and hardscape.
  • Stones or pavers can be utilized to build a planter box or garden bed that is completely enclosed. This means your plants are safe from trampling feet, and the soil stays put during rainy seasons. 
  • Pavers are a good choice for steps up or down into the garden area. They ensure that the ground doesn't wash away and make a safe pathway for everyone to enter the space. 
Why Hardscape?

Pavers, stones, rocks, and other natural hardscapes are long-lasting, low maintenance, and depict a well thought out, edgy garden. The advantage over softscaping (grass, dirt, mulch, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc.) is all of the above facts and, additionally, the hardscape won't die like grass, or wash away like some other softscapes. The idea of hardscaping is to incorporate materials that work well with the environment. Trending hardscapes are designed to construct a unique, one-of-a-kind architectural interest combined with a framework of plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs.  

A living hardscape makes a beautiful but functional element. An example of a living hardscape is ivy crawling up a trellis or moss growing on a wall or large rock. It will blend well with any garden and also operate as a divider or privacy fence.

At Green Fig Landscaping, our goal is to discover and shape your garden ideas with stones and paving so it is your own personal paradise. We make certain our clients receive the highest standards of workmanship and are 100% satisfied. Our attention to detail shines from the consultation and design steps all the way to the end result. We strive to balance artistic value with practicality and costs. Additionally, maintaining your new garden is also part of our lineup of services to keep it just as beautiful as the day it was completed. Let us help your garden dreams come true! Call us today: 0434-007-178

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